Zalgo Text generator

Zalgo Text generator is a font generator with creepy, eerie text for your horror-themed designs!

You can use the Zalgo font generator to create your own horror-themed designs with the help of this tool. All you have to do is find a word or phrase that you want in your design, type it into the text box, select appropriate style and click “generate”. You can also copy the font to use in Microsoft Word or in other docs formats.

Create Zalgo Fonts and use in your work

Zalgo font generator is perfect for creating scary or disturbing text to use in your horror-themed designs. You can use it to create text for logos, websites, typography, and more!

Create a creepy and eerie atmosphere

We have designed a new font that will help you create a creepy and eery feeling. The Zalgo font is perfect if you are creating a horror movie title or want to just creep people out. Just type in what you want your text to say and let our algorithm do the rest!


  • Unique, custom design format with creepy Zalgo font.
  • Free to use for commercial and personal purposes.
  • Works with all current design software.


Click to Generate Zalgo Font

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